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Hi! I’m Sharon Lederer

about Sharon Lederer

What do YOU say when people ask who you are? Where does your story begin?

My name is Sharon Lederer and my story started 20 years ago, but that wouldn’t be the most interesting story to tell. My website/blog story on the other hand, is more worthy of being told. This wonderful journey started around 10 years ago when I made my own website about drawing.

The second step was to start a blog, but there was one BIG problem! I had no story to tell! Some time later, I gave blogging another chance and started a blog about my life and the things I like. But that didn’t work for me. Then my dad, he is a webdeveloper, asked me to write a blogpost about social media for his business blog. After that, other related website projects followed. Finally, after 5 years I found the subject I’m passionate about: BLOGGING.

Why blogging is awesome!

Sometimes people say: “blogging is dead”. But that’s just not true. Blogging is alive and super awesome. Why? Because you can share interesting stories, help other people and make money too. You can blog about almost anything you want, so why did I choose to blog about blogging? That’s an easy question. Writing about blogging is never boring. There is so much information to share. And I get very excited when I see bloggers grow and make money from writing great blogposts. Yes, it’s true! I can’t stop talking/writing about blogging.

BUT who is Sharon Lederer?

You already know I love blogging, but perhaps you would like to learn a little bit more about me. First, I want to say that I live in the Netherlands. I’m studying Communication Science at Radboud University. But, in my spare time, I like to write and learn more about blogging which enables me to also learn more about online communication.

I have also a Dutch blog about blogging (SuperBlogger) and I work as a freelance writer (Tekstory). But PrimeBlogger will be a whole new challenge. And I’m very excited to share my blogposts with you guys!

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Good Luck and enjoy your blogging journey!